folgende befehle sind in der server-konsole möglich:

-$setmaxplayers = die maximale spieleranzahl verändern hierbei ist zu beachten das der Server selbst auch als spieler mitzählt demnach spieler anzahl = x+1. maximal geht 32

bsp: $setmaxplayers 9


für die "Remote Console" aus dem spiel heraus muss man vorher folgenden Befehl verwenden (mit Chat also F8):

$Remote login PASSWORT

danach werden die Konsolen befehle alle mit "$remote " vorran gesetzt inkl. dem $ vor dem befehl ausnahmen sind hier nur "login" und "logout"




Here is a list of commands you can give to Descent 3 both to your copy of
the game and to the server -- while playing a multiplayer game, or while
running a dedicated server. To enter a command, press the F8 key, then type
the command and press Enter. For example, to show player info for player 0,
you would press F8, then type:

$playerinfo 0
then press return. Many of these commands are available from the F6
multiplayer menu that's available while playing the game. If you run
a dedicated server, you'll need to type in these commands, since the
multiplayer menu will be unavailable.

Command List

[Server Only]
Turns off/on allowing clients to change their team.
Usage: "$allowteamchange <off/on>"

[Server Only]
Turns off/on allowing the automatic team placement of new players by the
Usage: "$autobalance <off/on>"

Enables/Disables the automatic saving of the game stats if you disconnect
from the server.
Usage: "$autosavedisconnect <on/off>"

Enables/Disables the automatic saving of the game stats when the
level ends.
Usage: "$autosavelevel <on/off>"

[Server Only]
Automatically balances the teams, based on senority.
Usage: "$balance"

[Server Only]
Bans a player from the game.
Usage: "$ban <pnum>"

[Dedicated Server Only]
Lists the players banned from the game along with their ban number, which
can be
used to remove the ban.
Usage: "$banlist"

[Server Only]
Forces a player to a team.
Usage: "$changeteam <pnum> <team_name>"

[Server Only]
Ends the level.
Usage: "$endlevel"

[Dedicated Server Only]
Displays help information for the input commands.
Usage: "$help [command]"

Sets your personal level for the HUD name filter.
Usage: "$hudnames <full/team/none>"
NOTE: You can only set your HUD Callsign level up to the level that the
server is. So if the server is only allowing up to teammates, you won't be
able to set to full

[Server Only]
Kicks a player from the game.
Usage: "$kick <pnum>"

Sets the kill message filter, for what style of messages you want.
Usage: "$killmsgfilter <full/simple/none>"

Displays netgameinfo

If you pass 'on', it puts you into observer mode, else it will return you back
to normal mode.
Usage: "$observer <on/off>"

Puts you into Piggyback Observer mode."$piggyback <pnum>"

Displays information about a player.
Usage: "$playerinfo <pnum>"

[Dedicated Server Only]
Displays a list of the players in the game, with their player numbers.
Usage: "$players"

[Server Only]
Rehashes the hosts.allow and hosts.deny files. First it flushes the old, and
reloads them.
Usages: "$rehash"

[Dedicated Server Only]
Removes a ban from a player, given the number associated with them from

Usage: "$removeban <player>"

Saves the game stats to file immediatly.
Usage: "$savestats"

Displays the scores or stats of the game.
Usage: "$scores"

[Server Only]
Sets the highest HUD name filter permitted for the clients.
Usage: "$serverhudnames <full/team/none>"

[Server Only]
Changes the goal limit for the level.
Usage: "$setgoallimit <points>"

[Server Only]
Sets the maximum number of players allowed in the game.
Usage: "$setmaxplayers <count>"

[Server Only]
Changes the Packets Per Second (PPS) threshold of the game
Usage: "$setpps <pps>"

[Server Only]
Changes the respawn time of the powerups in the level.
Usage: "$setrespawntime <seconds>"

[Server Only]
Changes the name of a team.
Usage: "$setteamname <team_num> <new_team_name>"

[Server Only]
Changes the time limit for the level.
Usage: "$settimelimit <minutes>"

Enables/Disables random statistical messages.
Usage: "$statmsgs <on/off>"

Change teams for yourself.
Usage: "$team <team_name>"