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  • Overload Beta Einstellung(Steam)

    21.04.2017, gepostet in: Allgemein. Direktlink

    The beta version of Drop 3 is available on Steam! We welcome your feedback at or on the forums.

    In case you don’t remember how to get it:
    – launch your Steam client and under Library you need to select “Overload [beta]”
    – if you don’t see the “[beta]” portion, then you need to opt into the beta program:
    – right click “Overload”, select “Properties” and in the new window go to “Betas”, the rightmost tab
    – select “beta backer version” in the dropdown
    – below, enter the beta access code “impulsefalcon”. Click Check Code. You can then go back and get the beta
    – If you restart the Steam client, it should auto-download.