Von 9 Schiffen ist gerade die rede, dies kann sich aber bis zum Release in anzahl und von den Namen her als auch von der Optik noch ändern !

1. Wasp (a well-rounded craft balanced in all roles. )

2. Panzer (a sturdy tank that can take punishment and dish it out, the Panzer is designed to get in and slug it out nose-to-nose. )

3. Torch ( the maneuverable light combat specialist. It doesn’t pack quite the same punch as the Typhoon, but it is a good all-around combat craft with strong defensive and maneuvering capability. )

4. Shaman (a sturdy repair ship, able to stay at the front lines and keep all of your drones in the action. )

5. Auger (the mining expert, able to bore through walls to find valuable resources, hidden tunnels and chambers, and rare power-ups.)

6. Goliath (a massive cargo ship with the most storage capacity, the Goliath is a beast that will maximize your haul.)

7. Predator (a small, light craft that is fast and maneuverable. It acts as your team’s advance scout, mapping the terrain ahead and spotting enemies.)

8. Typhoon (a tri-winged heavy assault craft that trades defensive strength for firepower. The Typhoon is the point of the spear. )

9. Warlock (your technical specialist – able to thwart enemy plans, augment teammates, lay and defuse traps, and circumvent locked doors. )