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Der Download für die PRE RELEASE Version ist nun vorhanden.

...und zwar HIER

Die 1.0 Early Access Version berechtigt zu allen folgenden Updates und ist für 15,00 US-$ ~ 11,-€ zuzüglich Mehrwertsteuer zu haben.

Das macht dann incl. MwSt. ca. 17-18 $ bzw. um die 13 €.

Wer diesen Link, bzw. oder, nutzt, unterstützt damit auch deutsche/europäische Server.

Es ist ratsam nur den paypal- oder Kreditkartenweg zur Zahlung zu benutzen, da die Überweisung auf ein Konto in USA führt und mit erheblichen Gebühren verbunden ist.

Der Vollständigkeit halber folgen hier noch die Links zu den Patches:
Es empfiehlt sich die Patches in der vorgegebenen Reihenfolge zu installieren!
Changes in 1.0.1

1. Hopefully fixed issue which caused crash when going fullscreen if installed with old demo/beta profile present on system.
2. Fixed bug where setting Music volume to 0 causes rapid cycling of tracks.
3. Fixed bug where loosing connection to server causes cycling of music tracks.
4. Fixed bug where changing music tracks steals focus from chat message field.
5. Removed one "w" from in About page.
6. Removed one line where AI players may go rogue too often.
7. Fixed menu script blocking display of "Disconnected from server" message box.
8. Tweaked weapon damage values slightly.
Download patch 1.0.1 here.
Changes in 1.0.2

1. Added Rear View camera w/ option to mirror.
2. Added network performance graph (includes ping, loss, and data stats). Alt-N to show/hide.
3. Changed Fullscreen key binding from Alt-Enter to Ctrl-F12, because Alt-Enter is the key combo for sending chat message to your team.
4. Corrected a number of typographical errors in About/How To Play.
5. Fixed Active Game list so that sorting by player count sorts the right way.
6. (Hopefully) fixed bug that did not cancel the game restart timer when the host manually started a new game.
7. Changed player join message to better reflect the connecting/joined status.
8. (Hopefully) fixed auto-switch bug that sometimes prevented firing of the last round/missile.
9. Tweaked weapon damage values slightly.
Download patch 1.0.2 here.
Changes in 1.0.3

1. Improved behavior of server info box.
2. Fixed minor issue with erroneous indentation of player names on scoreboard.
3. Fixed private chat messages not showing in log.
4. New bindable command for fullscreen rear view.
5. Play your own music in-game by dropping OGG files in talon/data/music.
6. Rear view camera moved to upper right corner.
7. Added high speed collision damage.
8. Changed the way bot count is determined: in Normal mode, Max Bots sets the number of bots placed in the game when there is only one player present. One bot is removed for each additional player that joins. In Co-Op mode, bots are added at the specified ratio to human players.
Download patch 1.0.3 here.